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2021 NTT-TIFA Piànn-Tiûnn Lîng-tsong 2021 NTT-TIFA Piànn-Tiûnn Lîng-tsong

2021 NTT-TIFA Piànn-Tiûnn Lîng-tsong


Tutu Gallery

Lîng-tsong is inspired by the life of TÂN Tì-hiông, an activist championing for Taiwan independence movement and executed by the authoritarian regime. Piànn-Tiûnn, the creative team behind Lîng-tsong can skillfully introduce folk art elements into theater works and reinterpret traditional temple cultures of Taiwan. This time, they are going to summon the spirit of the martyr and revisit the passage of history through cultural lens.

Lîng-tsong combines exhibition with nine interactive performances. A choreographed dance with dancers and puppeteers maneuvering giant god costume rewrites history with a modern take as they retrace and resume the halted footsteps of those who sacrificed their lives for the democracy of Taiwan.



2021/4/9 Fri. - 2021/5/23 Sun. 11:30-21:00

Free Admission; Daily except Monday



2021/4/10 Sat. 13:0014:00

2021/4/11 Sun. 13:00

2021/4/17 Sat. 13:0014:00

2021/4/18 Sun. 13:00

2021/5/1 Sat. 13:0014:00

2021/5/2 Sun. 13:00


Featured Artists
LEE Wen-cheng

LEE Wen-cheng

Artistic Director

LI Yu-shen

LI Yu-shen

Deity Device Producer

Blaire KO

Blaire KO

Music Director

LIAO Yi-ching

LIAO Yi-ching

Choreography & Performer

CHEN U-lai

CHEN U-lai


CHEN Chao-yuan

CHEN Chao-yuan

Poetry Writer and Performer

CHANG Ya-chun

CHANG Ya-chun

Yueqin Performer

CHANG Shu-wu

CHANG Shu-wu

Deity-Puppet Performer

Artistic and Creative Team

Piànn-Tiûnn Art Impact Program

“Piànn-Tiûnn” in Taiwanese means a competition involving two or more parties. Inspired by the diversified cultural scenes of Taiwan, the team is formed by interdisciplinary creative professionals from five different domains like contemporary art, dance, music production, band and fashion design. These young creatives from different background collaborate and compete so as to bring out a new form of art which reflect the local art and folk culture as well as the clash of old and new showcasing the independent spirit of Taiwan.



Production Team / Piànn-Tiûnn Art Impact Program

Artistic Director / LEE Wen-cheng

History Consultant / HUANG Hui-chun

Project Manager / UINN Hông-kia̍t

Deity Device Producer / LI Yu-shen

Music Director / Blaire KO

Sound Executive / Jamie HSU

Choreography & Performer / LIAO Yi-ching

Space Design / SU-CHEN Ssu-ya, LIN Hung-tai, HUANG Chia-ching

Lights and Audio Equipment / Wild Gain Studio

Documentary Director / YAO Teng-yuan

Photographer / CHANG Wei-sheng, LIU Che-chun

Culture and History Research / UINN Hông-kia̍t, CHEN U-lai, CHEN Chao-yuan

Religious Text and Ceremony Consultant / CHEN Ming-tang

Playwright / CHEN U-lai

Poetry Writer and Performer / CHEN Chao-yuan

Graphic Design / KO Chun-chieh

Yueqin / CHANG Ya-chun

Deity-Puppet Performer / CHANG Shu-wu

Marketing / YU Sheng-lu

Project Administration / CHEN Wei-chen

Technical support / Industrial Technology Research Institute - Culture and Sports Technology Service Team


2021 NTT-TIFA Piànn-Tiûnn Lîng-tsong




Tutu Gallery




※20 minutes without intermission

※Suggested for ages 15+



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