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Opera Concert Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner Opera Concert Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner

Opera Concert Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner



Tannhaüser is one of Richard Wagner’s master pieces with its overture frequently performed as a separate piece in concerts now. Based on a medieval legend, the story grapples with theme of lust versus love and centers on the struggle of a minnesinger named Tannhaüser who tries to redeem himself and his love for his mortal lover Elizabeth after his encounter with Venus. Banished by his own people and no hope for absolution, the only way for salvation is to wait for the Pope’s crosier to flower. Wagner revised Tannhaüser many times and the well-loved “Paris” version adopted the format of French grand opera and added ballet music. This will be the first time that the “Paris” version (1875) is presented to the audience of Taiwan.

Wagner’s ‘Tannhaüser’ is an opera that combines elements of Romantic-era storytelling with those of French grand opera. - Opera Wire


Featured Artists
Hung Hung

Hung Hung


LIN Yi-wei

LIN Yi-wei


Grace LIN

Grace LIN


CHAO Fang-hao

CHAO Fang-hao

Wolfram von Eschenbach

Julian LO

Julian LO

Landgrave Hermann

CHNAG Yin-chi

CHNAG Yin-chi

Walther von der Vogelweide

CHEN Chi-an

CHEN Chi-an


CHUANG Yun-ray

CHUANG Yun-ray

Heinrich der Schreiber

TSAI Zheng-cheng

TSAI Zheng-cheng

Reinmar von Zweter

LIN Meng-chun

LIN Meng-chun

Ein junger Hirt

Artistic and Creative Team

Conductor / CHANG Yin-fang

Director / Hung Hung

Music Consultant / CHIAO Yuan-pu

Lighting Design / WANG Fang-ning

Video Design / Max LEE

Stage & Prop Design / CHAO Yu-han

Costume Director / LIN Hsin

Vocal Coach / Martin Andersson

Chorus Master / YANG I-chen

Performance Director / Kim CHEN

Rehearsal Pianist / WU Yu-ju

Director Assistant / CHANG Ting-yun


Tannhäuser / LIN Yi-wei

Elisabeth / Grace LIN

Venus / FAN Ting-yu

Wolfram von Eschenbach / CHAO Fang-hao

Landgrave Hermann / Julian LO

Walther von der Vogelweide / CHANG Yin-chi

Biterolf / CHEN Chi-an

Heinrich der Schreiber / CHUANG Yun-ray

Reinmar von Zweter / TSAI Zheng-cheng

Ein junger Hirt / LIN Meng-chun


NTT Choir


Piano / SU Ying-chu

Violin / CHEN Pei-ju, Adina TSAI

Viola / LIN Chieh-yu

Cello / WU Hsin-yi

Bass / HSU Tzu-yun

Oboe & English Horn / NIEH Yu-hsuan

Clarinet / YANG Ya-fen, Marco CHEN

Bassoon / OU Yi-hsin

Horn / HSU Yun-chia

Harp / Sarita CHEN


English Surtitles / Bayerische Staatsoper

Chinese Surtitles / Nightingale Foundation


Opera Concert Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner





Seating & Views

Approx. 200 minutes, including two 20-minute inter


Performed in German with Chinese and English surtitles



Ticketing Info

NTT Member pre-order from 8th August. Tickets available from 15th August.


Ticket Packages

• Purchase four or more tickets for a single program and receive a 25% discount.

• From 8th August to 23rd October, 20% off for one or more tickets to performances of Tannhäuser and Il barbiere di Siviglia and receive an additional coupon.


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10% off for CTBC Bank, E.SUN Bank and Taishin International Bank credit card holders.

50% off for disabled persons plus one companion, and senior citizens 65 or above (ID required at entrance).

25% off group ticket price for groups of 20 or more per program.


※Only one discount may apply per purchase.

※Tickets purchased as a ticket package can not be individually returned or exchanged.

※Holders of the ticket package for Tannhäuser and Il barbiere di Siviglia are entitled to an additional coupon for NTT shops including Café Crotchet, Pashih and image3. The coupon is only valid from 8th October to 26th December. Please visit the stores mentioned for further information.


Approx. 200 minutes, including two 20-minute intermissions

Performed in German with Chinese and English surtitles

Suggested for ages 7 and above



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