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Legend Lin Dance Theatre Anthem to the Fading Flowers Legend Lin Dance Theatre Anthem to the Fading Flowers

Legend Lin Dance Theatre Anthem to the Fading Flowers


Grand Theater

Anthem to the Fading Flowers was created by LIN Lee-chen, the Artistic Director of Legend Lin Dance Theatre in 2000. Over the past two decades, Legend Lin Dance Theatre has trained the bodies of the dancers following the six-word motto, settle, calm, relax, ground, slow, and power. Its works have toured the world and have moved countless audiences.

Anthem to the Fading Flowers adopts spring, summer, autumn, and winter as its structure, and uses insects, birds, flowers, and trees as metaphors, finally leading audiences into a realm where human, nature, and earth are integrated. The details within are imaginative, abundant, and touching. In this time of impermanence, audiences are guided through the changes of the four seasons in nature. What emerges from this slowness and tranquility is the incomparable reverence for heaven and earth and the deep humbleness that humans hold in the face of time.

Taiwanese troupe evokes a change in the weather. Spring and summer danced into life in excerpts from Anthem to the Fading Flowers...These symbols of the force of nature had impressive power. The choreography was often sculpturally striking.
The New York Times
Lee-chen LIN's Anthem to the Fading Flowers enchants spectators with its languid and superbly serene tableaux vivants.
Danza & Danza
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LIN Lee-chen

LIN Lee-chen

Artistic Director, Choreographer & Visual Concept

Artistic and Creative Team

Legend Lin Dance Theatre

Legend Lin Dance Theatre was founded in 1995 by Artistic Director and Choreographer LIN Lee-chen with the exclusive purpose of presenting large-scale performance works, including Mirrors of Life, Anthem to the Fading Flowers, Song of Pensive Beholding and The Eternal Tides -- all of which reflect the spirit of her native Taiwan. Inspired by traditional religious rituals and ceremonial rites celebrating the rhythms of nature and our place in it, LIN’s artistry combines a lush visual aesthetics with a brilliantly original and exquisitely languid choreography that gives new meaning to the phrase “poetry in motion.” In its rare performances overseas, Legend Lin Dance Theater has won high praise from critics and audiences alike.


Artistic Director, Choreography & Visual Concept / LIN Lee-chen

Lightning Design / CHENG Kuo-yang

Prop Design / CHANG Ho-chin, CHEN Nien-chou

Costume Design / Tim YIP

Composer / CHUNG Yiu-kwong

Music Consultant / LIN Hui-kuan, HUANG Chen-ming


Rehearsal Master / TSAY Bi-jue

Associate Rehearsal Master / CHENG Chieh-wen

Female Dancers / WU Ming-ching, WANG Chien-yi, CHENG Yu-shu, CHEN Yi-yi, HUANG Yu-wen, FENG Kai-lun, HO Hsin, LEE Wan-ling, LIN Yu-hsuan, FANG Shih-yu

Male Dancers / CHEN Chi-shun, HUANG Yao-ting, WANG Wei-fan, LI Gen-ang, GUO Ding-wei, LEE Chung-hei, HUANG Yan-jhih, LIN Hsiang, WU Jhih-hong, JHANG Jhe-yu, YANG Sheng-po

Bamboo Flute / LU Yu-wen

Drum / HO Yi-ming

Pipa / LIN Hui-kuan, LIU Jia-ying, CHANG Hui-wen, LIN Yu-hsuan


Technical Director / CHENG Kuo-yang  

Stage Manager / CHENG Tzu-wei

Master Electrician / CHEN Fei-bi

Sound Engineer / CHEN Chih-feng, Chieh Yun Corp


Visual Design / CHEN Tien-mou

Graphic Design / Joe FANG

Calligraphy / CHANG Wang

Copywriter / LO Yu-chia

Photography / CHIN Cheng-tsai, CHEN Tien-mou

Cinematography / CHEN Tien-mou, YANG Yu-cheng


Producer / CHEN Nien-chou

Administrative Consultant / LIAO Yo-jen

Administrative Advisor / CHANG Chia-chi

Executive Secretary / HO Yi-ming

Executive Producer / WU Min-fang

Marketing PR / Anna CHANG


Legend Lin Dance Theatre Anthem to the Fading Flowers




Grand Theater

Seating & Views

140 minutes, including a 20-minute intermission.




※Suggested for ages 7+



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