The NTT is truly blessed.
Inside a perfectly constructed building are three professionally-equipped theaters and the Corner Salon, a multifunctional space. Adding the Outdoor Plaza, Outdoor Theater and Sky Garden into the mix, the entire NTT is an amalgam of enthralling stages from inside out and top to bottom.


Grand Theater

The Grand Theater is a large, enticing space with a warm, red hue that beckons audiences to the proceedings happening on stage.
Located on 2F of the NTT with seating capacity of 2007 (1502 seats on 2F; 431 seats on 4F; 74 box seats), the layout is spacious and cozy with clear sightlines. The inner walls employ 3D-curved construction to ensure that patrons fully appreciate the theater’s ambience. Audience seating is arranged in conventional European design of 20 connected seats in two raked levels. Under every seat is a ventilator providing more comfortable conditions during performances.



The flexible, multifaceted Playhouse has an ocean-blue interior.
Located on 2F, it has seating capacity of 794, designed to reduce the distance between stage and audience, emphasizing fluidity, asymmetry and depth, along with an unobstructed view from every seat. The design enables the theater to be intimate and flexible, inviting the audience into the middle of the action of a contemporary performance, bringing new meaning to the “living arts.”


Black Box

Located on B2 with maximum seating capacity of 200, the Black Box can accommodate a variety of stage settings for experimental theater productions.
The theater’s black interior is framed by two straight walls and two curved walls, the latter providing the audience a natural, cavernous ambience. One of the walls can be elevated (by machine), linking the Black Box with the Outdoor Theater, providing a broad range of creative possibilities.


Outdoor Theater

Covering 1000 square meters, the amphitheater design overflows with nature, poetry and romance, enhanced by trees along the periphery. It can be used in conjunction with the Black Box, creating a setting for a one-of-a-kind performance stage.


Corner Salon

Located on 1F, this space bursts with creative brain power and boundless imagination, suitable for exhibitions, salon lectures and film screenings.


Sky Garden

Located on 6F, the Sky Garden is accessible via indoor elevators or staircase. When you enter, you find yourself in the middle of a galaxy, an ideal spot for outdoor concerts or film screenings.


Tutu Gallery

Built to resemble a ballerina’s dress, the Gallery space is highly flexible, suitable for exhibitions, performances and special events.



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