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VVG Village

Explore a wonderful bazaar of urbanity and design


To enjoy urban lifestyle, chat about daily affairs, gather at the NTT: VVG Village Bazaar is such a place. We bring you all the good designs of everyday living, curating them in this open marketplace.

Every corner in this bazaar has its unique character and appearance. We have prepared all these items to share with you.

People passionate about the aesthetics of living can connect here. Everyone is free to roam, choosing each and every crossroad and path, taking in the displays that combine design and living. Your footsteps may lead you to the “Experience Salon” where designs naturally meld into every segment of life. As we exchange stories, you’ll experience the wonders and diversity of daily creativity.

As you continue, you’ll arrive at the “Interactive Experience” area where each of the handmade goods bears testament to the passing of time as we witness artisans practice their craft. Warmth and generosity radiate here, built piece by piece and day by day.

Walking further, you’ll enter another area celebrating the “Design Experience,” where branded designs are displayed for you to choose to your heart’s delight.



Opening Hours (adjusted because of COVID)

  • Closed Mondays
  • Sunday–Thursday, 11:30–20:00
  • Friday–Saturday, 11:30–21:00
  • Customer hotline: +886-4-2258-5862




  • 年度系列節目票券早鳥預購
  • 主辦節目票券優惠8折起;鼓勵藝術紮根,學生會員享75折優惠
  • 商場消費優惠
  • 會員專屬活動
  • 點數兌換好禮
  • 生日回饋