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2022 NTT-TIFA M.O.V.E. Theatre Dear John 2022 NTT-TIFA M.O.V.E. Theatre Dear John

2022 NTT-TIFA M.O.V.E. Theatre Dear John


Black Box

As a tribute to American avant-garde composer John Cage, Dear John is an interdisciplinary collaborative project by three artists with different specialties. The collaborative team turns the space into a playful sound lab, revealing the process of sound-making and redefining the interpretative vocabulary as well as the physicality of sound in performing arts. After its premiere in 2013, the show has been staged at different art festivals home and abroad. The 2022 version of Dear John combines the space of NTT’s Black Box and Outdoor Theater. As the audience – both young and adults, are welcomed to freely roam between the two areas, this unique immersive theater experience also turns the audience into an indispensable yet unpredictable part of the work.

You bring us a night of strangeness and auditory adventure. Very serious and mysterious. Science and art and history and love in a big, dark wonderland. —The Barefoot Review

This was a completely engaging and thoroughly enjoyable performance. —Broadway World

Situated at the point where music, theatre, dance, and artistic installation all meet, Dear John is an exploratory and experimental piece of avant-gardism, presented essentially without conventional distance between performers and viewers, as a tribute to legendary musical figure John Cage. —Stage Whispers




5/14 Sat. 11:0014:0017:00

5/15 Sun. 11:0014:0017:00

5/21 Sat. 11:0014:0017:00

5/22 Sun. 11:0014:0017:00


Black Box & Outdoor Theater




5/17 Tue. - 5/19 Thu. 12:00-19:00

5/20 Fri. 12:00-18:00


Black Box & Outdoor Theater


$50 Ticket

Free admission to the exhibition for Dear John performance ticket holders

※Suggested for ages 3 and above. Each child under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.


Featured Artists
LIN Kuei-ju

LIN Kuei-ju

Curator & Music Composition

WANG Chung-kun

WANG Chung-kun

Sound Installation

TUNG I-fen

TUNG I-fen


Artistic and Creative Team

M.O.V.E. Theatre

Established in 2006 and led by the theater director FU Hong-zheng, M.O.V.E. Theatre explores the aesthetics of physical theater through movement, observation and experiment. With the support of principal artists including LIN Kuei-ju, TUNG I-fen and Daniel WANG from music, dance and theater fields, M.O.V.E. Theatre has delivered interdisciplinary works covering literature, myth, history and social reality. M.O.V.E. Theatre expect to exchange, expand and transform the mutual contemplation between performers and audiences through creation and sharing, and endeavors to reveal the mental state of contemporary people through poetic theatrical speech.


Curator & Music Composition / LIN Kuei-ju

Artistic Director / FU Hong-zheng

Sound Installation / WANG Chung-kun

Choreography / TUNG I-fen

Co-Creator & Performer / WANG Chung-kun, HSUEH Yung-chih, HUNG Yu-wen, JIAN Ci-yi, CHEN Yi-chin

Lighting Design / HUANG Shen-chuan

Stage & Spatial Design / LIAO Yin-chiao

Producer / LAN Hao-chih

Stage Manager / CHEN Cheng-hua

Technical Director / CHEN Ren-shou


2022 NTT-TIFA M.O.V.E. Theatre Dear John




Black Box

Seating & Views

Approx. 60 minutes without intermission



Ticketing Info

NTT Member pre-order from 1st January. Tickets available from 8th January.


Early Bird Discount

From 1st to 7th January, 22% - 25% off regular ticket price for NTT Members.
No limits on price categories and amount of tickets.

Other Discount

10% - 25% off for NTT membership holders.

10% off for National Theater and Concert Hall, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) and National Symphony Orchestra membership holders.

10% off for CTBC Bank, E.SUN Commercial Bank, Taishin International Bank, Bank SinoPac and Cathay United Bank credit card

50% off for disabled persons plus one companion, and senior citizens 65 or above (ID required at entrance).


※Only one discount may apply per purchase.

※Tickets purchased as a ticket package can not be individually returned or exchanged.

※Discounts mentioned above do not apply to Living Room and Dear John exhibition.


※Audience can move around during the performance. Comfortable outfits and shoes are recommended.

※Suggested for ages 3 and above. Each child under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.



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