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Gang-a Tsui Theater  Passage to Lo-Jin Gang-a Tsui Theater  Passage to Lo-Jin

Gang-a Tsui Theater Passage to Lo-Jin



A combination of Nanguan music and contemporary theater, Passage to Lo-Jin is a stage adaptation of the first novel of SHIH Shu-ching’s Taiwan Trilogy. The story recounts the life of HSU Ching and his sexuality struggle against the backdrop of Lo-Jin (now Lukang), a prosperous harbor city. HSU, a cross-dressing male actor specializing in beautiful female roles, travels to Taiwan with his theater troupe. His good looks lead to his fame and result in his becoming a catamite of a Lukang business man. HSU later finds himself falling for a young geisha Wan, resulting in his confusion  about his gender identity while being sexually exploited by a local official, ZHU Shi-guang. The development of the storyline runs alongside with the famous scenes from Tale of the Lychee Mirror, illustrating the lives of commoners against the rise and fall of Lukang.

Artistic and Creative Team

Gang-a Tsui Theater

Established in 1993, Gang-a Tsui Theater produces works featuring a fusion of traditional Nanguan opera and modern performing arts as a way to explore new opportunities for an ancient form of performing arts. The troupe has become a great paragon of “enduing traditional art with modern spirit.” The company was re-registered by senior members CHEN Chia-wen as director and WEI Mei-hui as vice director in Taipei in 2017. They sustain the mission to modernize Nanguan music.


Original / SHIH Shu-ching

Director / CHEN Yu-dien

Producer / LIU Wan-yi

Playwright / WU Ming-lun

Performer / WEI Mei-hui, CHEN Yan-xi, LIAO Jia-huew, CHAN Fu-hsuan, LI Wei-cih,

KU Yung-yen, TUNG Hsu-fang

Musician / CHEN Chia-wen, LIAO Yu-ning, LAI Hong-ling, WANG Chiung-chi, CHEN Yi-lien, LIU Meng-ling

Stage Design / LIN Shih-lun

Costume Design / TSAI Hao-tien (Erichaolic)

Lighting Design / WANG Tien-hung

Sound Design / LEI Zheng-guang

Dress & Makeup Design / CHANG Che-lun

Stage Manager / LAN Chin-ting

Marketing Manager / CHANG Yueh-hwa


Gang-a Tsui Theater Passage to Lo-Jin





Seating & Views

Approx. 105 minutes without intermission


Performed in Mandarin, Taiwanese (Lukang accent) and Quanzhou dialect with Chinese and Eng-lish surtitles



Ticketing Info

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Approx. 105 minutes without intermission

Performed in Mandarin, Taiwanese (Lukang accent) and Quanzhou dialect with Chinese and English surtitles

Suggested for ages 7 and above



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