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HUANG YI STUDIO + Little Ant & Robot: A Nomad Café HUANG YI STUDIO + Little Ant & Robot: A Nomad Café

HUANG YI STUDIO + Little Ant & Robot: A Nomad Café



Since their first collaboration in 2012, HUANG Yi and KUKA have toured 17 countries. By taking this international experience and combining with HUANG Yi’s own improved expertise in program language and industrial design, they have now decided to open a café, where parents and children can play together. The sounds and movements of the café become music and dance, everyone who is curious about the future are all welcome to have a seat and redefine the boundaries between art and life. 

Featured Artists


Artistic Director, Choreographer, Stage, Lighting & Visual Design

Artistic and Creative Team

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Stage, Lighting & Visual Design / HUANG Yi

HUANG Yi is the founder and artistic director of HUANG YI STUDIO +, and was named by Dance Magazine as one of 2011’s “25 to Watch.” His pioneering work is steeped in his fascination with the partnership between humans and technology. He interweaves continuous movement with mechanical and multimedia elements to create a form of dance which corresponds with the flow of data, effectively making the performer a dancing instrument. Widely considered as one of Asia’s most prolific choreographers, HUANG Yi was invited to perform at the TED 2017 conference, which received coverage on CNN and TIME magazine. His works Huang Yi and KUKA and Under the Horizon were highlighted by the International Society for the Performing Arts in 2015 and 2016 as new works to watch, while his 2019 work A Million Miles Away was chosen by the National Performing Arts Center in its first joint commission program.



Founded in 2010, HUANG YI STUDIO + is a pioneer in boundary-breaking dance performance with cutting-edge technology, taking pride in being a “laboratory” that creates new possibilities for imaging what performing arts could be, while bringing human warmth and touch to technology through incorporating technology into art. The studio has toured nearly 20 countries across the world, and received widespread attention in Europe’s theater circles when it was selected by the Théâtre National de Chaillot for the theater’s first artist-in-residence project.


Artistic Director & Choreographer / HUANG Yi

Performer / HUANG Yi, HU Chien, LIN Jou-wen, LUO Sih-wei, LI Yuan-hao, CHUNG Shun-wen, HSIEH Cheng-yu, KUKA

Technical Director / CHENG Hao-ting

Producer / Yukio Nitta

Administrative Manager / WU Min-fang

Costume Coordinator / HU Chien

Costume Design of KUKA / Temperature Studio

Installation Design / Grace CHEUNG / XRANGE

Culinary Consultant & Advisor / Richie LIN

Culinary Support / MUME

Ice Cream Consultant & Advisor / LI Yu, NINAO

Stage, Lighting, Visual Design / HUANG Yi

Real-time Cloud Rendering / National Center for High-performance Computing, National Applied Research Laboratories

3D Printing / Industrial Technology Research Institute

Assistant for Industrial Design / LI Yuan-hao

Assistant for Programing / HSIEH Cheng-yu

Assistant for Catering / CHUNG Shun-wen

Script of Audio Description / HUANG Yi, HUANG Hsiang-ling

Voice Actor of Audio Description / HO Chih-wei, CHIU Mei-chun

Auto Sync Audio Description System / HUANG Yi

Director of Audio Description / HUANG Hsiang-ling

Photography / HSU Ping, Summer Yen

Documentary Director / LOU Sih-wei

Cinematographer of Promotional Video / HUANG Yu-yu

Painter of Key Vision / NASUKO

Painter Consultant / HUANG Hsiang-ling

Graphic & Layout Design / JL Design

Worldwide Representation and Booking / Sozo Artists

Commissioned by National Taichung Theater, National Theater & Concert Hall, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)



HUANG YI STUDIO + Little Ant & Robot: A Nomad Café





Seating & Views

Approx. 75 minutes without intermission



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Approx. 75 minutes without intermission

Suggested for ages 6 and above

Program contains strobe and smoke effects



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