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Staff Only, Not Only Staff Staff Only, Not Only Staff

Staff Only, Not Only Staff


Sound Cave

Revealed: ‘invisible’ to ‘visible’

Expose backstage on stage, create the glamourous appearance for heroes behind the scene to be seen.


Theatre is a magical space, it is a place to turn illusion into reality.

There were a group of dreamers and a group of dream constructors…

Artists expand their imagination to create, at the same time, a group of professionals behind the scene build their dream in reality.

They are the technical team in the theatre, spending long hours from 9am to 10pm, (in)visible in every corner of the stage.

initiated by theatre lighting designer CHUANG ChihHeng, co-created with photographer Terry LIN and theatre set designer LIN ShihLun, focusing on ‘human’ as core curational idea, six experienced practitioners were invited from various practices behind the scene, HOU Wenshuo (Stage manager), SU Chunhsueh (Technical Director), WU Wanping (Master Electrician), WU Chingyuan (Sound Engineer), WU Chaiwen (Wardrobe) and Oliver CHEN (Theatre Manager), they shared their professional experiences, personal insights, daily working environment and working tools as four different aspects of appreciation context. This is a non-documentary approach, incorporate magical techniques of theatre creation to present heroes behind the scene on stage, acknowledge the spirit of technical professionals in the performing arts.


To create a work in theatre is similar to a jigsaw puzzle. It involved the effort of coordination, collaboration and trust in completing a mission within a specific time. In this project, the spotlight is not for usual ‘on-stage’ performers but focusing on those who usually arrive earliest in the theatre and the last to leave, the technical
professionals. On this tailor-made stage, we revealed the ‘invisible’ to ‘visible’.


Featured Artists
Terry LIN

Terry LIN


Shihlun LIN

Shihlun LIN

Artistic Design for photography & Venue Design

Artistic and Creative Team

Curator:CHUANG Chihheng

Persona:WU Chaiwen、WU Wanping、WU Chingyuan、HOU Wenshuo、Oliver CHEN、SU Chunhsueh

Photographer:Terry LIN

Artistic Design for photography & Venue Design:LIN Shihlun

Gaffer:Nick HUNG

Stylist:Major Tom

Hair & Makeup:Sunny HSU

Director of video installation:CHUANG Chihkeng

Technical director for photography:HUNG Chihlung

Creative Advisor:TUNG Yuting

Curator assistant:TSENG Yenmin

Photography assistant:HUANG Changchih、Ko Ko Chi、Joan HUANG、LIN Xiaoqian、Rabi Lin、Yu Peiyu、Alan CHEN、LIN Chien-tzu

Styling assistant:Michel、Summer

Hair & Makeup assistant:CHEN Kerong、Frankie CHEN

Styling for concept development:LEE Yushen


Producer:Cordelia YANG

Executive producer:TSAI Yichuan、Elvis KUO、CHUANG Hanling

Trailer and Opening documentary:CHEN Yanhong

Opening Director:Jay CHEN

Opening music design:LO Chihsuan

Technical director for exhibition:HUANG Changchih

Persona interview:TSOU Shinning

Article for persona interview:CHEN Yuchun


Production: AYE Studio

Presenter: National Taichung Theater

Venue for photography: National Theater & Concert Hall

Venue for the workshop: Taichung City Tun District Art Center


Special thanks:Creative Performing Arts、Hispot Workshop、Sound Fair、Ramp Music Studio


Staff Only, Not Only Staff



2020/11/13 (Fri.) - 2020/12/06 (Sun.)

Sound Cave





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