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2021NTT-TIFA  LAB X Exhibition: Unveil Future- Synesthesia Exploration in Virtual Reality 2021NTT-TIFA  LAB X Exhibition: Unveil Future- Synesthesia Exploration in Virtual Reality

2021NTT-TIFA LAB X Exhibition: Unveil Future- Synesthesia Exploration in Virtual Reality


New Media|Exhibition
Sound Cave

“Unveil Future- Synesthesia Exploration” aims to explore future possibilities and practices of VR arts, and features interactive digital works of both local and international artists, delivering immersive experiences that allows viewers to explore the fantasy world of VR arts and its endless possibilities. 


The Book of Distance

English/No subtitles

Duration 25 minutes


In 1935, Yonezo Okita left his home in Hiroshima, Japan, and began a new life in Canada. Then war and state-sanctioned racism changed everything—he became the enemy. Three generations later, his grandson, artist Randall Okita, leads us on an interactive virtual pilgrimage through an emotional geography of immigration and family to recover what was lost.

Writer&Creator:Randall Okita

Produced:National Film Board of Canada

Producer:David Oppenheim

Executive Producer:Anita LEE

Associate Producer:Kate Vollum

Project Manager:Oliva Amu

Art Director :Sam Javanrouh

Lead Artist :Emma Burkeitt

Lead Programmer:Luke Ruminski

3D Artists :Jeremy Canton、Paul Constance 

Concept Artist:Mohammed Karam 

Programmers:Michael Sebele、Jord Farrell 

Music & Sound Design : Menalon 



Afterimage for Tomorrow

Mandarin/No subtitles

Duration 19 minutes


Welcome to the Afterlife Memory Trust.  With us, you will be selecting three pieces of your memories to relive by the time you decease. When your life terminates, we will stimulate your neurons to bring out the designated memories. Each vision lasts a light time.
We perceive the world through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. These sensory experiences are stored as memory in words, pictures, sounds and moving images. With fractions of the transcribed memories, we are capable of returning to a specific point in time, which is an act of distortion and overlaying of time and space. However memories aren't always reliable. A man wakes up in an unknown dimension of consciousness. What is it that he sees, hears and feels? Is it memory, virtual reality or terminal lucidity?
In Afterimage for Tomorrow, director Singing CHEN collaborates with choreographer CHOU Shu-yi to perform the ineffable in memories. This metafiction film sets in a futuristic world, where memories can be uploaded and perpetuated, thus leads to the discussion of what in life is worth storing. Persistence of Vision; when an object in rapid motion vanishes from sight, human brain creates a 0.1-0.4 seconds of optical illusion. How long will the images and memories we create today live in the future?


DirectorSinging CHEN

ChoreographerCHOU Shu-yi

DancerPAN Bo-lingFANG Yu-tingYEN Wang-couYANG YA-chunWANG NingLIN Hsiu-yuWANG Chu-huaTIEN Yi-weiYU Chien-hungCHEN Hsin-yuYANG Qi-yin

PresentedKaohsiung Film Archive

In Association with Funique VR Studio, Walkers Film Ltd.

ProducedWalkers Film Ltd.

A Song Within Us

Mandarin and AmisMandarin and English subtitles

Duration 16 minute


Written and directed by Fangas Nayaw, a Taiwan Amis indigenous theater director and choreographer, A Song Within Us is a sound-interactive VR experience with Ambisonic audio, and incorporates elements of traditional indigenous music.
After a stage rehearsal of Song of Tafalong, the director is summoned back to his tribe, where he is greeted by a lush forest and warm sunlight, enjoying the birds' chirping, the wind's gentle caress, and all the nature's wonders. Everything he hears and sees is Vuvu ("grandparents" in the Paiwan language, also means the spirits of ancestors), who is directing him, guiding him into sweet memories and the land's warm embrace. Will he be able to retrace his long-forgotten memories, and find his way home again?


Director:Fangas Nayaw

Cast: Faidaw‧Fangod

Song of Tafalong: an original work:Ka`ti Karo

Artist:AmuBwiy Puing Culture Arts Group

Director of Photography:Wayne LO

Production Designer:LIAO Yin-chiao

Music Director:Owen WANG

Executive Producer:CHEN Estela Valdivieso

Producer:CHEN Estela Valdivieso, Hazel WU

Co-producer:François Klein、Thomas Villepoux、LIN Jinyao

Low Life: LI Yi-ho Solo Exhibition

No language/No subtitles

Duration 15 minute


Artist LI Yi-ho created a VR embodied experience that allows viewers to roam around in a kitchen as a cockroach. In addition to the VR content, motion-sensing equipment that mimic a cockroach's antennae, wings and cerci are added to simulate the feedback mechanism used by cockroaches to sense the surroundings. In this project, viewers will meet other creatures living in the kitchen, and have surprise encounters with humans. 

Note: The project "Low Life: LI Yi-ho Solo Exhibition" requires sitting on a special installation, viewers are advised to wear pants.


Producer:HUANG Wen-hao

Artistic Director:WANG Po-wei

Administrative Coordinator:Laura CHEN ,CHANG Jung-an

Technical Director:TSAI Tsun-hung

Artist╱VR Creative Content / Installation Design:LI Yi-ho

VR Programmer/ Interactive Design Programmer:CHANG Yuan-an

VR 3D Model:LAI Ching-yu, TSENG Po-yuan, WANG Tsai-chieh

VR Content Recording:LIN Ching-hsuan

Installation Consultant:Mark Fabrication

Installation:SU Tsan-yuan, CHAN Yuan-an, TSAI Meng-ru

Material Provided by LI Yi-ho

Technical Cooperation:ET@T 


No language


AFTERLIFE is an online MMO game, an experimental space, and a curatorial project. Inspired by reincarnation and the space-time structure from Buddhism tradition, the special 6 hours and 30 minutes long live program includes a showcase of Taiwanese experimental artists, a pan-Asian DJs and producers, and a video screening.


Producer:NAXS corp.

Plan:NAXS corp.,Meuko! Meuko!

Technical Director:GUO Yi

Visual Design Director:FONG Han-yu

Music Director:Meuko! Meuko!

Visual design and execution: FONG Han-Yu, eg.lio, GUO Yi

Programmer:GUO Yi, HUANG Guo-bin

Cinematography& Post-Production:YEH Che

Artists:Dutch E Germ, CHANG Hui-sheng, Scattered Purgatory, Meuko! Meuko! CHANG Hung-tai, Prairie WWWW、Sonia CALICO、NONEYE, Software 2050

Video Exhibition:CHEN Tian-zhuo

DJ MIXES:Sonia Calico、Gabber Modus Operandi、33EMYBW、Hyph11e、Leevisa、ASJCharlisha Leung、Mars89、Wanton Witch

Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by LIU Shou-yuo

No language


Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by LIU Shou-yuo  archives LIU Shou-you's solo dance work Shapde5.5 (2014) through panoramic camera and multiple perspective filming. The project showcases the results of his 30-year exploration of "body performance", presenting a dancer's thought process from within, as well as the relationship between the body, substance and non-substance. From the entrance of VR, the audience can choose from 6 pieces of panoramic videos, including 3 sections of physical performance in Shapde5.5 , and 3 pieces of improvisations. In the panoramic video, the audience can change to another perspective by selecting. With this new and unlimited viewing experience, this project provides a possible solution of archiving "body" and "movement".

Note:Viewers will have 5 minutes to watch projects and participate in it. Please follow staff instructions and line up.



Concept&Development:ET@T, LIU Shou-you

Principal InvestigatorHUANG Wen-hao

Co-principal InvestigatorWANG Po-wei

ManagerYEH Hsing-jou

Trchnical DirectorTSAI Tsun-hung

TechnicianTSAI Meng-ru

Choreography╱Director╱Performer : LIU Shou-you

The PetriDish

No language


If our mind can be transmitted and re-presented, is it possible that humans are just trapped in a virtual machine?
The PetriDish is an interactive installation system. The moment when the experiencer puts on a VR headset, a piece of mind will be transmitted to the installation. The participant can walk around and explore freely in the space, with his/her field of vision following the same direction inside the installation. In the process, the participant will gradually recognize the new space constitutes the reality.
However, as the participant's viewpoint moves to the border, triggering the surrounding glass to become transparent, the external world will be revealed, and the participant will see the views outside and himself. At this moment, the mind is inside the installation, while the body is on the outside. Perplexed as to the separation of body and mind, the participant goes on to realize that the world is a constructed virtual machine, and we still don't know the real source of our mind.

*Note: The VR project is free of charge. Please follow staff instructions and line up. Viewers need to remain standing during the process, and are allowed to walk around in the designated area for an optimal viewing experience.

Producer : HUANG Hao-min


The Book of Distance© National Film Board of Canada
Afterimage for Tomorrow© Kaohsiung Film Archive
A Song Within Us
Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by LIU Shou-yuo© ET@T
The PetriDish

2021NTT-TIFA LAB X Exhibition: Unveil Future- Synesthesia Exploration in Virtual Reality


New Media|Exhibition


Sound Cave


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1. If you purchase tickets or sign up online, please arrive 10 minutes before the screening starts to check in at the information desk. There will be  no  admittance 5 minutes after the screening begins. No refunds nor exchanges are available.

2. Viewers could sign up for free viewing experience at the information desk. Please follow staff instructions.

3. Due to the impact of VR use on vision, the exhibition suggested for ages 13+

4. Please follow staff instructions to wear the headset.

5. If you experience any discomfort, nausea, eye soreness or dizziness, please raise your hand directly and inform the staff, our team will help pause the screening and help take off the VR headset.

6. Participants prone to or with a history of epilepsy symptoms should take into consideration their health status before signing up for the event.

7. The VR headsets used in all projects can accommodate glasses; for viewers wearing contact lenses, keeping them on is preferable for comfort.

8. The organizer reserves the right to change or modify the event terms and conditions. Any matters not addressed may be supplemented and announced without prior notice. For related questions or requests, please contact 04-24155830 (Ms. CHENG); 04-24155807 (Ms. HSIANG), or 04-24155761 (Mr. FU)




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