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Focus Company╳Chaliwaté Company Dimanche Focus Company╳Chaliwaté Company Dimanche

Focus Company╳Chaliwaté Company Dimanche



In the not-so-distant future, the Earth's environment undergoes drastic changes, causing our world to crumble apart!

In a building of the city center, a family spends their Sunday just like any other day. However, the walls start trembling, strong winds begin to blow outside, and sudden rain pours down, signaling the onset of a terrifying storm. Amidst this chaotic scenario, the protagonists absurdly attempt to maintain normalcy. Meanwhile, on another part of the Earth, three wildlife journalists are doing their utmost to document this apocalypse. Using the last remaining equipment, they film the last surviving species on Earth, as ecological extinction looms on the horizon.

The critically acclaimed production Dimanche from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK, exaggeratedly portrays human nature in the face of an impending apocalypse. Belgium's Company Focus and Company Chaliwaté employ objects, puppetry, images, sound, mime, and physical performances within this production. Through skillful navigation between fiction and reality, infused with a distinctive sense of humor, Dimanche mockingly highlights the human tendency to overlook glaring facts and steadfastly clings to superficial normalcy. It humorously illustrates the futile attempts to grasp onto the last semblance of normalcy when confronted with ecological disaster.

Featured Artists
Sicaire Durieux

Sicaire Durieux

Original Text & Director

Sandrine Heyraud

Sandrine Heyraud

Original Text & Director

Julie Tenret

Julie Tenret

Original Text & Director

Focus Company ╳ Chaliwaté Company Dimanche
Focus Company ╳ Chaliwaté Company Dimanche
Focus Company ╳ Chaliwaté Company Dimanche
Artistic and Creative Team

Written and directedJulie Tenret, Sicaire Durieux, Sandrine Heyraud

WithJulie Tenret, Sicaire Durieux, Sandrine Heyraud, Thomas Dechaufour, Shantala Pèpe, Christine Heyraud, Julie Dacquin, Sophie Leso, Denis Robert

DramaturgyAlana Osbourne

ScenographyZoé Tenret

Stage Set ConstructionZoé Tenret, Bruno Mortaignie (LS Diffusion), Sébastien Boucherit and Sebastien Munck

Puppets createdWaw ! Studios / Joachim Jannin, Jean-Raymond Brassinne

Puppet assistant creatorsEmmanuel Chessa, Aurélie Deloche, Gaëlle Marras

LightsGuillaume Toussaint Fromentin

SoundBrice Cannavo

VideoTristan Galand

1st ACAlexandre Cabanne

Key GripHatuey Suarez

Underwater filmingAlexandra Brixy

TV news filmingTom Gineyts

Post-production videosPaul Jadoul

Video set constructionZoé Tenret, Sébastien Munck

Video soundJeff Levillain (Studio Chocolat-noisette) and Roland Voglaire (Boxon Studio)

CostumesFanny Boizard

General Stage ManagementLéonard Clarys

Stage ManagementLeonard Clarys, Isabelle Derr, Hugues Girard, Nicolas Ghion, David Alonso Morillo, Charlotte Persoons, Lian Van De Putte

Tour Manager / Chiara Christoffersen



Focus Company╳Chaliwaté Company Dimanche





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Focus Company ╳ Chaliwaté Company Dimanche

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This Program contains scenes of smoking. Audience discretion is advised.

Approx. 75 minutes without intermission

※Suggested for ages 7 and above (and adult company is advised)



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