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2020 NTT-TIFA Wang Lien-cheng The Scenery of Little Light 2020 NTT-TIFA Wang Lien-cheng The Scenery of Little Light

2020 NTT-TIFA Wang Lien-cheng The Scenery of Little Light



Suddenly, from all the green around you,

Something, you don't know what, has disappeared;

you feel it creeping closer to the window,

in total silence. From the nearby wood   - Before Summer Rain, Rainer Maria Rilke


WANG Lien-cheng the NTT Artist-in-Residence, and his co-creation partners’ new work leverages a combination of technology and body movement to explore various prospects of digital aesthetics and kinesics. To address human struggle, both human and robot are put on stage. As the former constantly struggles for balance under the influence of the latter, finding it increasingly harder to keep control, the entire system would reach an edge of extremes.


Creative and Production Team

Artistic Director & New Media Interactive Design / WANG Lien-cheng

Original Script Concept / HUNG Shiau-ting

Playwright & Director / CHEN Yow-ruu

Choreographer & Dancer / TIEN Hsiao-tzu

Associate Choreographer / WANG Ning

Robot Housekeeper Voice / MA Wei-yuan

Lighting Design / KAO I-hua

Stage Design / LIAO Yin-chiao

Music & Sound Design / WU Ping-sheng

Sound Engineering Supervisor / CHEN Hsin-kuei

Sound Assistant / LO Che-yeh

Video & Projection Design / Max LEE

Costume Design / HSIEH Yi-wen

Robot Housekeeper Design & Production / GU MI Factory

New Media Art Team / LIU Ting-chun, LIN Yu-liang, HSU Wei-ting, CHIU Jing-ya, HU Zhe-hao, WANG Yu-tzu, CHANG Hsin-yu, TSENG Yu-ting

New Media Art Associate / Tim WEI, HE Yu-wei

Robot Housekeeper Driver / CHANG Chun-ju

Stage Manager / TENG Hsiang-ting

Assistant Stage Manager / CHANG Chun-ju

Master Electrician / CHEN Wei-an

Technical Director / YU Jui-pei

Lighting Crew / LIU Po-han

Stage Crew / CHU Wei-ting, LIN Ye-ting, LAI Yi-qiao, LAI Yi-hua, XEI Ming-ting, LAN Ko-fang

Crew (Tryout) / LO Wan-yu

Wardrobe and Makeup / Desseray

Makeup for Video Shooting / ZHANG Yi-zong

Producer / Neo WU

Executive Producer / Cordelia YANG, CHUANG Han-ling

Social Media Management / A Jin, Yiva LEE

Photography / LEE Hsin-che、CHEN Chien-hao

Production Administrative Support / Artexpected

Video & Live Stream production / Infinity Multimedia Production

Commisioned by National Taichung Theater



Artistic and Creative Team

2019-2020 NTT Artist-in-Residence Artistic Director, New Media Interactive Design  /  WANG Lien-cheng

WANG Lien-cheng is a digital artist whose works stretch across interactive devices and sound performance. He is committed to creating a seamless combination of images and sounds created by computer algorithm. He was awarded 1st Price of Interactive installations of Digital Art Festival Taipei in 2009. He was the winner of 3D/Sculpture Award of the Lumen Prize in 2017 (U.K.). His works have been exhibited and performed at multiple world-class art festivals including Les Journées GRAME (France), CONCIERTOS AUDIOVISUALES MADATAC, Círculo de Bellas Artes (Spain), OSTRALE´O16, Dresden in 2016 (Germany), UPDATE_6, Ghent in 2016 (Belgium), Linz Ars Electronica (Austria), etc.

Playwright & Director / CHEN Yow-ruu

CHEN Yow-ruu received her MFA degree in Theatre Directing from the Taipei National University of the Arts. As a theatre artist, her works often integrate with a locale to recall a long-forgotten memory or uncover a piece of history by employing methods such as sound, image, installation, and live performance. She was once stationed in Akiyoshidai International Art Village in Japan, Siao-Long Cultural Park, and Treasure Hill Artist Village.   

Choreographer Dancer / TIEN Hsiao-tzu

As a freelance artist, Ms. Tien builds her creative power in daily life, explores ways to express emotions through body motions, and searches patterns of a way out in life. Her work The Hole was nominated for Taishin Arts Award in 2015. In 2016, she was selected by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan for the artist residency program in Paris. In 2018, She was funded by the Cloud Gate Art Makers Project, and bestowed the Luo Manfei Dance Grant the same year to participate in an international exchange event titled TIME-PLACE-SPACE: NOMAD in Melbourne Australia.  

Original Script Concept / HUNG Shiau-ting

HUNG Shiau-ting has a bachelor’s degree at the Department of English Literature in National Dong Hwa University, and subsequently another degree in General and Comparative Literature at Sorbonne Nouvelle- Paris 3, France. She then continued her Master’s degree and Ph.D. in the same institute. She endeavors to construct dialogues between different discipline and context, and discusses the implication of the construction and distortion of virtual identities in a text. Such can be seen in her works of play, movie, and other cross-disciplinary text.

Lighting Design / KAO I-hua

KAO I-hua has a bachelor’s degree at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Taiwan University, and a Master’s degree in lighting design at Carnegie Mellon University. She once served as the stage manager of Novel Hall for Performing Arts and the theatre consultant of National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts. She is now an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Theatrical Design and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts, and a board member of the Taiwan Association of Theatre Technology. 

Stage Design / LIAO Yin-chiao

LIAO Yin-chiao has an MFA NYU Tisch School of the Arts Design for Stage and Film and a bachelor’s degree in the Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University. She is now a freelance designer for stage and film. In recent years, she has ventured on design of exhibition hall and other crossover spaces.

Music and Sound Design / WU Ping-sheng

WU Ping-sheng majored in sculpture design in college and devoted himself to new media arts in graduate school. He works on a variety of forms of art practices related to sound such as sound installation, film music composing, and theatre. He is passionate about live performances and sound installations.





2020 NTT-TIFA Wang Lien-cheng The Scenery of Little Light



5/17pm2:30 Live Stream


Seating & Views



 Suggested for ages 12+

※ 60 minutes without intermission.

※ Please arrive early for the performance. Latecomers may not be admitted.

 Special thanks: NTT-CLUB



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