One Minute World Arts- Lifespan of Scout’s Ballet Pointe Shoes 思高・佛塞絲(Scout Forsythe)與她的芭蕾舞鞋

“There’s no other shoe in the entire world that can do what a pointe shoe does.”

As a professional ballet dancer with the American Ballet Theater, Scout Forsythe shares how she customizes and breaks in her ballet pointe shoes. Throughout her professional career, she has had about 700 pairs of pointe shoes. The lifespan of each pair is about 3 days. Interestingly, apart from sharing her sewing technique, Scout also tells how the shoes and her feet work together. Using dental floss instead of thread and replacing satin ribbons with elastic ribbons, she demonstrates how she makes a comfortable pair of pointe shoes.


美國芭蕾舞團的專業舞者思高・佛塞絲(Scout Forsythe),分享她如何根據自身需求,動手改造芭蕾舞鞋,以及實際穿上後進場「開鞋」的適應過程。從加工縫製到穿著新鞋練習,再到鞋子磨損破壞,平均一雙舞鞋的壽命僅有三天左右的時間。如此短暫的使用期限,使得佛塞絲在截至目前為止的職業生涯中,已經穿過高達七百多雙舞鞋。有趣的是,除了講解足肢與舞鞋間巧妙結合的原理外,佛塞絲也公開了一些縫改舞鞋的小撇步:例如用牙線代替一般絲線、用鬆緊帶取代緞帶來增加密合度等等,為的都是讓這雙鞋變得更適合她的腳,也藉此讓大眾理解一雙舞鞋之於舞者的重要性。

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