One Minute World Arts- Voice Note Art  聲波「創藝」

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is the saying that many are familiar with, however, for Amrita Sethi, a word is worth a thousand pictures. Starting from dictions, she extends the meaning of words, and draws pictures, then paints over the soundwave. Other than drawing something more concrete like landmarks and cities, she also paints the word in a more abstract way. For instance, she presents the emotion that comes from hearing the word and captures significant moments from people’s lives. "I want to be capturing ... human consciousness and the emotion that comes from hearing a word or phrase and then presenting it more abstractly," Sethi said.

你可能聽過「一畫勝千言」這句諺語,但對藝術家安瑞塔・塞希(Amrita Sethi)來說,「一字值千圖」可能更為貼切。通常,她的創作會從某一詞彙出發,延伸出相關概念,再以該詞彙說出口時電腦上所顯示的聲波波型為基底,搭配這些概念來描繪成畫。除了畫出地標、城市等較為具體的形象外,她也會以抽象的風格來作畫,例如聽到某詞彙當下的情緒反應,甚至去捕捉人們生活裡重要的瞬間。安瑞塔說,她想透過抽象的手法,呈現人們聽見一個字或一句話之後的感知;這樣的表現方式,不僅讓她的作品貼近人與生活,也讓她在藝術的領域裡獨樹一格。