One Minute World Arts- True or False- When Theater Meets Reality Show 虛實之間:當劇場遇上實境節目

In modern days’ entertainment industry, boundaries between #reality and #fiction have been blurred. Reality shows and theaters are using different ways to create a whole new experience for both the participants and the audiences. “The Kill One Race” is a game show where dance theater and reality show come together to create a dystopian world. It has the audience question whether they are witnessing a real social experiment or watching a fictional story like The Hunger Game. The collision between theater and other media has challenged the idea of where the audiences can place themselves while engaging in the show.

在現今的娛樂產業裡,#真實 #虛構 的界線已經逐漸變得模糊;#實境節目 #劇場 皆以不同的方式,帶給參與者和觀眾們全新體驗。實境節目The Kill One Race 由演員扮演故事的角色,這些「角色」在一週內卻經歷真實挑戰,並透過口語和肢體表達,檢視彼此的倫理道德觀;其呈現方式讓觀眾難以分辨,自己所看到的究竟是真實的社會實驗,還是像電影《飢餓遊戲》那般虛構的故事。換言之,劇場與他類媒體間的碰撞,在在挑戰了觀眾於欣賞演出時的自我定位,及其觀看的角度。


Photo from  by Kate Enman