One Minute World Arts- #MEDEA – Complex Emotions on An Empty Stage 美蒂亞– 極簡舞台上的複雜情感

The Greek tragedy, Medea by Euripides, was adapted into a contemporary version by director Simon Stone. The play was live-streamed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia this May. Stone’s version took place on a stage with nothing but black ashes and a bottle of fake blood in the middle. The minimalistic staging not only allowed the actors to emphasize on expressing their emotions, but also made the audience focus on receiving the emotions delivered by the actors. The Guardian notes that “the staging is brutal, leaving the performers nowhere to hide. They don’t need it: this flawless ensemble has created a raw masterpiece”

由賽門史東(Simon Stone)執導的現代版希臘悲劇《美蒂亞》(#Medea),於今年五月在澳洲 #阿德萊德藝穗節線上直播;導演以極簡舞台搭配拍攝、投影的手法,來呈現這齣經典劇作:近乎全空的 #舞台設計,除了可以凸顯演員的情感表達外,也使觀眾更能專注地接收演員所傳遞的情緒強度。導演史東透過大幅改編的文本,不僅深化了《美蒂亞》的當代寓意,同時還促成了影像媒體和劇場空間的有機對話,贏得一片好評。《衛報》的劇評便如此寫道:「本劇犀利、簡約的呈現方式,讓台上的演員無所遁形;而他們之間無懈可擊的對手戲,最終成就了這部淋漓盡致的生猛力作。」


Photo Credit : Dim Balsem