One Minute World Arts- Disney Magic on Stage – Frozen the Musical 迪士尼魔法席捲舞台 – 冰雪奇緣音樂劇

In 2013, Frozen, Disney’s animated movie inspired by Hans C. Anderson’s The Snow Queen, successfully seized the world with its signature song “Let It Go”. The #animation was adapted into a #Broadway musical by Disney in 2017, and then was    scheduled to open at London’s West End in 2020. However, the plan was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and therefore many Frozen fans were tremendously disappointed. Luckily, as the theaters are re-opening, the magical Frozen musical has finally arrived in London, welcoming its audience since September 2021. Arifa Akbar, theater critic of The Guardian, obviously adores the show: “The 2013 film was met with acclaim, #Oscars and delirium. Does this adaptation live up to that hefty legacy? Yes, and perhaps it even exceeds it.”

Michael Grandage, director of the show, has successfully transformed this musical extravaganza onto the stage with a magnificent setting and several new songs, purposefully composed for the musical, included. Frozen will continue running till June 2022 at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London.

2013年,取材自 #安徒生童話《雪后》的迪士尼動畫電影《冰雪奇緣》(#Frozen),憑藉著一首招牌金曲Let It Go,迅速地風靡全球。2017年,#迪士尼 著手將這齣動畫改編成 #音樂劇,於隔年搬上 #百老匯 的舞臺演出,並且規劃在2020年進駐 #倫敦西區 與觀眾見面,不料最後卻因不敵嚴峻的疫情而宣布停演,使「冰粉」們大失所望。今年,英國劇場重新開張,魔力十足的《冰雪奇緣》音樂劇也於9月正式在倫敦西區上演,旋即引發熱烈迴響。《衛報》劇評人艾莉法・阿克芭(Arifa Akbar)在她的評論裡如此讚美道:「《冰雪奇緣》的動畫推出後佳評如潮,也榮獲 #奧斯卡金像獎 的肯定,讓許多人為之瘋狂。然而,改編後的音樂劇真的配得上如此耀眼的光環嗎? 答案是可以,而且甚至有可能超越電影的成就…」

本版演出由麥可格蘭道吉 (Michael Grandage)執導;透過華麗的舞台設計,以及多首膾炙人口的新增原創歌曲,他成功地將迪士尼的冰雪魔法世界搬進劇場,讓觀眾大開眼界。此檔《冰雪奇緣》音樂劇,將會在倫敦 #德魯里巷皇家劇院 (Theatre Royal Drury Lane)演出至20226月。

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