One Minute World Arts- Macbeth On Tour – The Lord Chamberlain’s Men 疫情下的《馬克白》巡演 — 現代「宮務大臣劇團」

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, an all-male theatre group named after Shakespeare’s company, is going on tour performing the classic tragedy, Macbeth, with Elizabethan costumes, music, and dance. Founded in 2004 by Mark Puddle, and now run by the director Peter Stickney, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men started their Macbeth tour in the UK from the beginning of June. Without fancy staging or venues like many other productions, the actors have to assemble their own set before each show. They spend roughly 2 hours setting up the stage and backstage, and audiences are invited to bring their own seating. When the show is on, actors often need to juggle between different roles, and therefore costume changes must be accurately timed. Macbeth is estimated to travel to 60 places in 15 weeks this year.

以十六世紀 #莎士比亞 所效力的劇團為命名依據之 #宮務大臣劇團,2004年由馬克・普鐸(Mark Puddle)創立,現由彼得・史提克尼(Peter Stickney)經營,團員清一色是男性。今年六月起,該團在英國各地巡迴演出莎翁的經典悲劇馬克白,從服裝、音樂到舞蹈,全都比照 #伊莉莎白時代 的形式風格來製作。疫情期間,《馬克白》的巡演場地多半選在戶外的#城堡、#教堂 附近,舞台也由演員們在每場戲開演前自行組裝;架設舞台與後台所需的時間大約兩小時,而看戲的座椅則由觀眾自行帶至現場。正式演出時,由於演員常得一人分飾多角,因此後台每一次的換裝時間,都須經過精準的計算,才能確保不會出錯。此版馬克白》預計於十五週內,在英國六十處場所巡迴演出。