One Minute World Arts- Let's Play Together

What would it be like when the audience is invited to participate in the performance of a #classical music concert?

Night Shift, a classical piece composed by the internationally acclaimed composer and director Cathy Milliken, is created to involve the audience in the performing process with the purpose to break the constraints of a classical music #concert, in which the correct timing to applaud and the somber atmosphere of watching silently are almost always emphasized.

In order to achieve that goal, everyone in the concert hall is given a “#Wonderbag” full of sound-making objects, including sheets of paper, stones, and small bells, by which they can create music together as instructed in the original score, while being guided and coordinated by the conductor and solo vocalists to harmonize the various musical forces. Sparks different from traditional classical music concerts are thus ignited.

The UK premiere of Night Shift was held earlier this year in March at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, performed by #London Sinfonietta, professional vocal soloists, two community choirs, and its audience. For Milliken, Night Shift dissolves the invisible “fourth wall” that has, for a long time, divided audience and performers, as well as encourages the audience to break away from the closely observed traditions of silence, immobility, and concentration. “In the invitation to the public to play, it’s very clear that at the moment they’re playing paper, the musicians are playing paper, too. There’s no hierarchy of material or anything like that,” she says. She has also stressed that Night Shift is about “everyone in the hall making music together, a huge #democracy.”



當觀眾也一起加入 #古典音樂會 的表演時,會是什麼樣子呢?

由國際知名音樂家凱西・米利肯(Cathy Milliken)作曲、指導的《#夜班》 (Night Shift),設計讓觀眾成為演出的一部分,打破以往古典音樂會的形態,解除精準的鼓掌時間點和肅靜的觀賞氛圍;取而代之的,是觀眾的參與,以及所有表演者之間的協作。觀眾入席後,可從座位下方取出一個裝有紙張、石頭和鈴鐺等物件的「#神奇小袋」(Wonderbag),並於演出進行間依照指示,運用不同物體碰撞及摩擦所產生的聲響,讓台上與台下的「#音樂」自然地融為一體,激盪出迥異於一般古典樂演奏會的火花。

這部 #互動式 音樂作品的英國首演,於今年三月在 #倫敦伊莉莎白女王音樂廳(Queen Elizabeth Hall)正式亮相,由倫敦小交響樂團(London Sinfonietta)、專業演唱家、兩個社區合唱團,以及所有觀眾成員聯手完成。



Photo Credit: Berlin performance by Astrid Ackermann 、Porto performance by Remix Ensemble Casa da Música 、Alexandre Delmar/Remix Ensemble Casa da Música