One Minute World Arts- Saudi Arabia’s “Saudi Vision 2030”: Uplifting the Kingdom’s Performing Arts I

Over recent years, as part of the so-called Saudi Vision 2030 – a strategy made to diversify and enrich the country’s economy, development of the performing arts sector in Saudi Arabia has been accelerated. In 2018, the UK-based Chris Grady Organization (CGO) was brought in by the Theater and Performing Arts Commission of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture to initiate training programs for local theater designers and potential musical theater performers, so as to nurture more professional talents and move towards the goal of running a well-developed performing arts industry by 2030.


Ever since its founding in 2007, CGO has accumulated rich experiences in explorations and collaborations related to performing arts and the creative industry. It has worked side by side with artists and organizations, helping them forge connections and form networks, such as Korea / UK collaborations for making middle or small scale theater productions. During a 17-week musical theater workshop led by CGO in 2022, participants aged from 18 to 40s would present their musical performances, songs such as On My Own from Les Misérables and Stephen Sondheim’s Our Time, in English or Arabic at the end of the program in order to share with the Ministry of Culture as well as their family and friends the progress they made through repeated practice. Despite the fruitful results, CGO has still pointed out 3 challenges confronting the future development of Saudi Arabia’s performing arts industry: to develop a talent pool big and strong enough for performing Broadway-style shows with Arabic cultural characteristics, to build the infrastructure – not only staff and management but also proper facilities – that can support this, and, finally, to encourage the country’s vast population to come out of the malls and restaurants and spend their leisure time watching a live musical theater performance.




近年來,沙烏地阿拉伯制定名為「願景2030」(Saudi Vision 2030)的政策,積極發展多元經濟,並藉此機會奮力促成國內表演藝術相關產業之提升。2018年起,立基於英國的國際劇場創意組織克里斯.葛瑞迪團隊(Chris Grady Organization,簡稱 CGO),應邀為沙國文化部所轄屬的「劇場暨表演藝術委員會」(Theater and the Performing Arts Commission)規劃課程,培訓音樂劇和戲劇製作所需的專業人才,包括設計師和表演者等,以趨近該國於2030年具體建構藝文表演產業鏈的目標。





Photo Credit ©Chris Grady, Nada Alturki, Mohammed Al-Kinani/Shutterstock, Saleh Fareed