One Minute World Arts- Different Vodou Aesthetic  不一樣的巫毒美學

Different Vodou Aesthetic  不一樣的巫毒美學

Speaking of Vodou, most people have the impression of black magic, zombies, or dolls pricked by pins. This time, however, DanceAfrica, the festival of African dance from Brooklyn, wants to break the stereotype. Besides, it would like to make people see Vodou from different aspects. The festival this year is not physical but virtual, films are going to be streamed. This way of presenting may decrease call-and-response exchanges between performers and audiences. The abundance of the performance can be greatly increased, though. For instance, a more diverse camera work can be employed, more different settings are allowed, and a bigger geographical range of participants can be expanded. These changes can clearly demonstrate how Haitians who believe in Vodou commune with ancestors and spirits by dancing to heal themselves spiritually.

Vodou,中文翻譯為伏都教或是巫毒教。說到巫毒,人們的印象常是巫術或是可怕的娃娃,但在海地,巫毒是人們透過舞蹈與神靈溝通,來治癒內心並展現靈性的信仰。來自布魯克林的非洲舞蹈節—DanceAfrica 希望讓人們以不同角度了解海地巫毒教,理解這是一種療癒並需要被敬重的傳統宗教。這次演出並非實體演出,而是以影片呈現,雖然少了舞者與觀眾間的交流,卻能大大增添表演內容的豐富度,像是可以多元運用拍攝手法、容納更多不同的場景以及地理位置不同的參加者。