One Minute World Arts- “Strandbeests” -- The Beach Animals 海灘上的 「仿生獸」

The word “strandbeests” means “beach animal” in Dutch, and this is a collection of sculptures which use the power of wind to move, created by the artist Theo Jansen. He uses plastic tubes as the structure and combines the mechanical engineering techniques to make his works “move”. The exhibition of Jenson’s works is the embodiment of the arts, science, engineering, and performance all together. By using his knowledge of arts and science, Theo had created more than 30 pieces of these moving skeletons. This year, the exhibition is taking place in The Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto (CAMK) in Japan. Audience will be able to take a close look at these creations and understand the engineering technology behind it, starting from the 3rd of July, 2021. 

“Strandbeests”一詞,在荷蘭文裡代表「海灘上的動物」;而這些「動物」,則是由荷蘭藝術家西奧・姜森(Theo Jansen)用塑膠管製作而成。西奧在創造這些作品時,利用了機械工程原理,使這些大型「塑」像可以隨著風力「行走」。像這樣經過科學計算與藝術設計所製作出來的展品,迄今已有三十餘件,不僅為觀眾帶來趣味,也進一步體現了科學與展演間的跨域結合。今年這場「仿生獸」展覽將從73日起,在日本熊本市立現代美術館展出,給予觀眾近距離觀賞這些作品的良機。'