One Minute World Arts- The New York Philharmonic: A New Home and Two Debuts

After the renovation of David Geffen Hall at the Lincoln Center, the New York Philharmonic recently revealed an exciting decision of simulcasting its concerts through a 50-foot-wide screen wall in the lobby. The music hall has long been a home to the Philharmonic. With its bank of high-definition monitors, known as the Hauser Digital Wall, the Philharmonic can now welcome those who walk into the lobby and find a place to sit or stand with a live broadcast of the orchestra’s concert – no reservation or payment required.


In November 2022, the Hauser Digital Wall made its “stage debut”, live-broadcasting the conductor Hannu Lintu’s Philharmonic debut. Lintu is an internationally celebrated Finnish conductor; he prepared a program that was both compelling and unusual for the orchestra’s fans, paring up Stravinsky’s pleasantly sharp Symphonies of Wind Instruments and Bartok’s playfully strange and rarely heard Concerto for Two Pianos and Percussions, to the audience’s delight. Although the speaker sound in the lobby is nowhere close to the acoustic experience in the concert hall, the set of the equipment still nourishes the hope of encouraging more classical-curious people to enjoy music and invest in ticket-purchasing for the auditorium experience.




紐約愛樂樂團(The New York Philharmonic)近期開始施行一個令人驚喜的決策:在他們位於林肯中心內部剛剛整建完成的「新家」大衛葛芬廳(David Geffen Hall)入門迎賓區裡,架設一座寬約15公尺的大螢幕牆,即時轉播音樂廳內的演出。大衛葛芬廳為紐約愛樂長期駐演之地,現在有了此一名為「豪瑟數位牆」(Hauser Digital Wall)的全新螢幕牆,來賓只要走進接待大廳,自在地找個地點或站或坐,就可以在大螢幕前輕鬆欣賞大衛葛芬廳內演出的同步轉播,完全不需預約或付費。


202211月,豪瑟數位牆初試啼聲,同步轉播了指揮家漢努.林圖(Hannu Lintu)首度攜手紐約愛樂所舉行的音樂會。林圖是國際知名的芬蘭指揮家,此番為了紐約的樂迷,特別在曲目上費心安排,結合斯特拉溫斯基(Stravinsky)樂風濃烈的管樂交響曲,以及巴爾托克(Bartok)比較罕為人知、且充滿怪趣的雙鋼琴打擊樂器協奏曲,繳出一張精彩可觀的成績單。雖說接待廳螢幕牆的音響設備,與實際在大衛葛芬廳內聆聽演奏時的聲響效果相去甚遠,但這套即時轉播的配置,還是可以嘉惠沒有買票或臨時起意的民眾,鼓勵他們更加接近音樂、喜愛音樂。



Photo Credit ©Hilary Swift, Lincoln Center