One Minute World Arts- Going to the West End- The Ocean at the End of the Lane ​《萊緹的遺忘之海》進軍倫敦劇場一級戰區

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, a novel by the British author #Neil Gaiman, has received several honors since it was published in 2013, including Book of the Year by the British National Book Awards. The story was adapted into a stage play in 2019 by #playwright Joel Horwood, which debuted at the #Dorfman Theatre of the National Theatre London. 2 years after its initial run, director Katy Rudd has transferred the play to London’s West End with a new cast. Rudd said that reading Gaiman’s writing was almost like reading stage directions: “When he (the major character)’s running through the woods, it felt like it was telling me how to stage it. I was excited by the idea of monsters on stage and this genre that you don’t really see in theatre.” She also mentioned that this new production would bring the sense of intimacy which the audience felt from the Dorfman theatre to The Duke of York’s Theatre, where The Ocean at the End of the Lane will run until February 2022.

英國作家尼爾.蓋曼(Neil Gaiman)的小說《萊緹的遺忘之海》(The Ocean at the End of the Lane),自2013年出版以來便獲得不少殊榮,其中包括 #英國國家圖書獎 的「#年度最佳書籍」。2019年,編劇喬爾.霍伍德(Joel Horwood)將它改編成 #舞台劇,在倫敦英國 #國家劇院#朵夫曼劇場 (Dorfman Theatre)正式首演。今年,導演凱緹.魯德(Katy Rudd)帶著近乎全新的卡司,進軍倫敦劇場的一級戰區—— #倫敦西區(West End),重新演繹這個備受喜愛的故事。魯德在訪問中提及,蓋曼的小說,給了她許多與劇本舞台指示相類似的閱讀體驗:「當他(小說主角)在樹林裡穿梭奔跑時,那感覺彷彿就已經在告訴我,那場景應該可以怎樣呈現在觀眾眼前了。更令我感到興奮的是,舞台上將會出現好一些怪物,而這類型的故事在劇場中是極為少見的。」她進一步表示,這版的《萊緹的遺忘之海》,將會把兩年前觀眾在朵夫曼劇場中所感受到的貼身震撼,帶至西區 #約克公爵劇院(The Duke of York’s Theatre)發揚光大,直到檔期於明年二月落幕為止。


Photo Credit: Manuel Harlan