One Minute World Arts- JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Festival JOMBA! 非洲現代舞蹈藝術節

Having come to its 23rd year, JOMBA Contemporary Dance Festival, based at the University of Kwazulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, is the longest-running dance festival in Africa. Founded by Dr. Lliane Loots in 1998, JOMBA has placed dance makers and artists at the center, with the belief that thus the audience, funding, and everything else will then follow. As it turns out, JOMBA is now regarded as the most prominent platform for contemporary dancers in Africa.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival (August 24 ~ September 5) remained 100% online and totally free, hoping to keep the art form alive when theaters in South Africa were still not fully opened. While the festival featured dance work originally made for stage, there was a big push to look at the interface between film, cinema and dance, highlighting a move from a stage art to screen dance, as well as allowing more audiences from different parts of the world to participate through the internet.

#南非 夸祖魯納托大學(University of Kwazulu-Natal)創藝中心為基地的JOMBA #當代舞蹈藝術節,今年已經邁入第23個年頭,堪稱是非洲境內營運最久的舞蹈藝術節。於該校講授舞蹈藝術的莉安.魯茲(Lliane Loots)博士,在1998年創立JOMBA後,便決定讓 #舞蹈藝術家#創作者 成為藝術節的主體;她相信只要照顧好舞蹈藝術的核心價值,那麼觀眾、經費以及其他的一切,必然也會隨之水到渠成。時至今日,JOMBA對於非洲境內的 #當代舞者 來說,已然是最具聲望的的表演平台了。

礙於疫情,本年度的JOMBA藝術節(8/24 ~ 9/5)決定沿用去年的模式,維持 #線上舉行#免費欣賞;其目標乃是希望在南非劇場尚未全面解封之際,鼓勵舞蹈家們繼續創作,以延續這門藝術的生命力。正因如此,原本專為實體演出所鍛造的作品,也就在現實條件的催化下,轉而聚焦於影片、映像與舞蹈的交互作用上,標誌出舞蹈藝術由舞台走向銀(螢)幕的新趨勢,並且讓更多世界各地的觀眾,得以透過網路來參與這場舞蹈界的盛事。

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