One Minute World Arts- Puppet Week of New York –戲偶來襲 - 「紐約國際戲偶藝穗節」

“The wrong perception in the United States is that puppetry is just for children or to be used for education,” Manuel Antonio Morán, artistic director of the International Puppet Fringe Festival NYC (IPFFNYC), said in an interview. Even so, this year’s IPFFNYC has launched over 50 shows and events, more than a dozen short films, and 5 accompanying exhibitions. Morán wants to bring more of the puppetry arts to the city, just to convince the doubters that puppets are not only children’s toys but also a diverse and beautiful form of art. Founded in 2018, the festival was originally biennial, but has been interrupted by the pandemic and therefore postponed to 2021. One of the festival’s highlights is the exhibition “Puppets of New York”, presented in collaboration with the Museum of the City of New York, the IPFFNYC’s artistic partner.

紐約國際戲偶藝穗節(International Puppet Fringe Festival NYC)的藝術總監曼紐・安東尼奧・莫蘭(Manuel Antonio Morán ),在受訪時曾經提到:「許多美國人對『偶』都有錯誤的認知;多數人覺得那就只是孩子們的玩具或教具。」為了證明戲偶的價值遠遠不止於此,今年的藝穗節規劃了五十餘場偶戲演出與活動、十二部短片,以及五場相關的主題展,以實現莫蘭希望能在紐約推廣此一精美藝術的初衷。戲偶藝穗節創立於2018年,原本打算每兩年舉辦一次,但2020年卻因遭逢疫情,而不得不將第二屆順延至2021年來執行。本屆最受矚目的盛事之一,莫過於藝穗節和紐約城市博物館(Museum of the City of New York)聯手推出的「紐約戲偶大展」(Puppets of New York);有了如此給力的合作夥伴,藝穗節的可看性也就更加提升了。


Photo Credit: Richard TermineMuseum of the City of New YorkKarsten MoranDiego Bresani