One Minute World Arts- The Return of the Magic - Wicked On Tour 劇場魔法的回歸 - 女巫前傳 再上路

The popular Broadway musical, Wicked, was forced to close during the pandemic last year. Now, as theaters in the US are starting to recover from the setback, Talia Suskauer is ready to paint her skin green again, transforming herself into the Wicked Witch of the West. Wicked will be the first touring production this year in the US after the long pause of the industry. “Each show is going to be someone’s first time back at the theater, so each show is going to be emotional”, Suskauer said. Now, the crew is about to open those costume boxes they loaded into trucks, parking in Wisconsin since last year, and retrieve wigs that were sent to a climate-controlled warehouse in Pennsylvania. While actors resume the rehearsals, crew members are assessing all equipment for possible damage after months of disuse. “It’s been 16 months of singing in your shower, which is different than singing with multiple people, but they came back ready to go,” said Evan Roider, the tour’s music director. 

知名音樂劇《女巫前傳》(Wicked),去年在疫情的衝擊下被迫暫時落幕。今年,隨著美國劇場逐漸復甦,女演員塔莉雅・莎絲考兒(Talia Suskauer)已準備好再次塗上綠顏料,化身西方壞女巫艾兒法芭(Elphaba)上陣演出。《女巫前傳》將會是美國劇場於疫情後,第一齣進行巡演的劇碼;莎絲考兒說:「每場演出都可能迎來久別回歸的劇場觀眾,因此必然都是令人感動的。」在演員加緊腳步展開排練的同時,劇組人員也將再度打開那些被封存於停放在威斯康辛州貨櫃車裡的戲服箱,並且取回被送到賓州恆溫倉儲中保管的假髮,好好整理道具和器材,準備重返劇場。本劇的音樂總監艾文・羅伊德(Evan Roider)如此形容道:「停工十六個月以來,只能在家裡沖澡時獨自高歌,那感覺可是和一大群人在舞台上尬唱大不相同。現在演員們都回來了,而且個個蓄勢待發,我們就要開工啦!」


Photo credit: Cooper Neill for The New York Times