Words by Artistic Director- 2024 NTT Summer Fun Time


Let the Theater be Your Summer Playground


Many say that there's a bit of a barrier to appreciating performing arts.
Music can be too abstract, dance might seem incomprehensible, and theater often delves into societal phenomena, international relations, geopolitics, and other weighty topics. Without prior preparation, it might be challenging to fully immerse oneself in the experience.

The National Taichung Theater presents three Signature Series annually: Arts NOVA in spring, Summer Fun Time during the festive summer , and Fall for Great Souls in autumn and winter. The artistic programming of the series aims to foster a sense of familiarity and anticipation among returning audience, while also providing new attendees with the opportunity to assess whether the curated themes resonate with their interests for their inaugural theater experience.

This summer, the NTT becomes a playground, as indicated by the candy-colored and vibrant posters, promising a time for the whole family to enjoy together. The debut of baby theater with You Are My Sunlight welcomes infants from zero to even those still in their mothers' wombs, allowing babies to freely explore the theater space with their auditory and other senses, providing their very first encounter with the world of performing arts.

For toddlers who are beginning to understand the world, the fear of darkness often sets in. Night Light seeks to alleviate this fear by using minimal language, shifting in light and shadow, and lively physical performances. The production aims to spark children's imaginations about darkness, dispelling psychological fears and preventing panic when they wake up in the middle of the night.

FengShen Baobao Troupe's production Princess Kavalan & General Turtle and Théâtre des Enfants Terribles' HEY! YOU are both tailored for young audiences. FengShen Baobao, a subsidiary of Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group, blends traditional Taiwanese opera with popular music to narrate a love story set on Turtle Island. Théâtre des Enfants Terribles, on the other hand, playfully deconstructs cello, allowing it to produce human voices and engage in dialogue, showcasing that classical music can also be delightful and entertaining. 

Whether it's a handkerchief or a cup, children always can have a knack for anthropomorphizing objects; similarly, artists continuously strive to subvert and challenge our familiar perceptions. In Dimanche, ordinary water buckets morph into polar exploration vehicles, and what appears as an iceberg from a distance transforms into a polar bear when drifting closer. Through dark humor, the play provides a fresh perspective on the day of rest following God's creation, serving as a reminder that nature's retaliation knows no schedule! 

Every adult harbors an inner child. FOCA's Circus Party transports us back to cherished memories, to the delightful big top adorned with mesmerizing displays of aerialists and juggling clowns. Meanwhile, in the universally recognized tale of Peter Pan, this rendition features the young aviator without Wendy or Captain Hook, solely the boy who refuses to grow up. Yet, could it be that deep inside, he's already matured?! Circus Party and Peter Pan beckon us to rediscover the world with the innocence of a child's heart. 

The architect of the NTT once showcased Encounter Once in a Lifetime: Toyo Ito Architecture Exhibition at the Tutu Gallery, sharing his philosophical reflections on architecture and theater through a 360-degree panoramic projection. This time, NTT's Artist-in-Residence, YEH Ting-hao, will combine immersive projection with a multi-channel speaker setup, leading the audience on a colorful fantasy journey. The unique curves of the Tutu Gallery will serve as the playground where light and sound flow and interact. In Reverberation of Illusions, each performance will dynamically adjust its interactive elements based on audience responses. 

The highlight of summer in Taichung, “Oh! NTT Musicals!”, features Once, the numerous award-winning musical from West End to Broadway. Also showcased is Tales of Success: The Return of a Prodigal Son, a Taiwanese rap musical cultivated by the NTT for three years, with Hamilton as its benchmark. Additionally, Don't Cry, Dancing Girls the Musical, a touring production that consistently sells out within seconds, is included. Musical enthusiasts are welcomed not only to watch the shows but also to appreciate the artistry involved!

—Joyce Chiou, General and Artistic Director