One Minute World Arts- Pina Bausch: A Revolutionary

Pina Bausch: A Revolutionary

Widely hailed as the “godmother of European dance theatre”, German choreographer and dancer Pina Bausch is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Breaking away from the restrictions of classical dances, she made great endeavors to create revolutionary and inspiring works, which enhanced drama and dance, two seemingly different and self-accomplished forms of art, to cross boundaries and embrace each other further deeply. When choreographing, Bausch was often driven by her impulse of seeking originality and trueness. In her view, everybody, despite his or her age and physical conditions, should be entitled to enjoy dancing and pursue beauty, as long as there’s a true desire craving for dance.

The sense of freedom displayed by Bausch in the creative process of choreography highlights the recognizability of her work. Her unstructured dance pieces were often created through the approach of provoking dancers into movement by asking them to delve into their past experiences, featuring dancers running, howling, and laughing on stage, and thus forming an ontological narrative that would present to the audience the diversity and complexity of one’s inner world. As a visionary, Bausch was aware enough to reject formulaic techniques originated from classical ballet and, instead, focus on the honest portrayal of one’s innermost feelings. Bausch once famously said: “I am not interested in how people move, but in what moves them.” Through her work, the audience gets to see the connections / interactions between dancers and the objects used or placed on stage, from which multiple themes such as gender, liberty, love, and life can be explored, and Bausch’s unique sense of and profound concerns over humanity consequently observed.

Currently the tenth-anniversary special edition of PINA, a documentary film made by German Director Wim Wenders and dedicated to the great dancer, is showing at movie theatres across Taiwan, attracting fans of modern dance to pay tribute and recollect their fond memories of Pina Bausch and her work.





目前,德國導演溫德斯(Wim Wenders)向碧娜鮑許致敬之作《PINA》的10周年數位紀念版,正在臺灣上映,召喚著舞迷們對一代大師的永恆回憶。


Photo credits: ©Wilfried Krüger