One Minute World Arts- Potter-esque #Theater: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Ever since its first movie was released in 2001, the story of #HarryPotter has entertained and inspired children and adults alike around the world. Many have read the books; many more have seen the movies. In 2016, a two-part play named Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was presented at London’s #WestEnd, whose story was created by Rowling, Jackson Thorne, and John Tiffany, and is set 19 years after the climactic battle in the last Harry Potter novel, #TheDeathlyHallows, centering upon Harry and his son Albus. The Play then arrived in New York and opened on #Broadway after its London success. Also split in two, the total experience clocked in at more than five hours.

This year, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has returned to Broadway revised and reproduced. Due to the influence of the pandemic and the problem of production cost, the two-part play was condensed into a single one and its length reduced by a third. However, its #dramatic power is in no way less effective than the original, as it is more focused and #streamlined now. Moreover, the audience experience would begin long before the lights go down this time; from the theater lobby to the auditorium, every carpet, curtain, light fixture, and wallpaper strip helps visitors immerse themselves in the “#Potter-esque” atmosphere.

霍格華茲劇場- #哈利波特與被詛咒的孩子 

自從第一部《#哈利波特》電影於2001年上映後,這個巫師小男孩的故事便風靡全球,一路陪伴世界各地的老少觀眾至今。許多人讀了小說,更多人看過電影;2016年,一部由羅琳、傑克‧索恩(Jack Thorne)以及約翰‧蒂夫尼(John Tiffany)所發想的劇作《哈利波特與被詛咒的孩子》,以上下兩集的型態,在 #倫敦西區 正式上演。該劇的背景乃設在《哈利波特》系列最後一集《死神的聖物》中高潮大戰後的19年,內容主要是記述哈利與兒子阿不思所面臨的另一波挑戰。此作一推出立刻大受歡迎,更於2018年挾其盛名直搗 #紐約百老匯,繼續以兩集共五個多小時的規格,與當地的觀眾見面。

今年,百老匯重新製作此劇,但因受到疫情影響,並考量收支損益的問題,改而將它打造成二合一的濃縮版,長度也比原劇短了1/3。儘管如此,新版《哈利波特與被詛咒的孩子》的 #戲劇效果 絕對不遜於原版,畢竟精簡改良後的故事要來得更能聚焦。此外,這回的觀戲體驗也會比以往更加生動、完整:訪客只要走進劇院大廳,穿過廊道,抵達觀眾席,沿途所有的地毯、布幕、照明和壁紙式樣,都將讓他們深深沉浸在哈利波特風的魔幻氛圍裡。



Photo Credit: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times; Lyric Theater