One Minute World Arts- The Terra Nova of Stage Design –– 改變視覺的玻璃元素

Stage designs nowadays tend to showcase #diversity and #innovation. Many theater directors and stage designers have come to use #glass as a crucial element in creating visual wonders on stage. Using glass on stage not only helps a theater director create multi-layered images and meanings with a modern sense of #mise-en-scene, but also changes the way the audience sees a play. For viewers looking at something through it, glass offers both a subtle shift and a seismic one; it alters almost everything, but visually changes very little. As German designer #MiriamBuether rightly puts it: “the usage of glass is contemporary; it creates a filmic quality, similar to looking through a lens.”

Intriguingly, updating a classic play with modern dress or gender-blind casting was once #provocative and #transformational enough to shed new light on the text, but now the stage itself has become the terra nova that opens up new possibilities, on which a glass cage might be presented to highlight the themes of isolation and vulnerability in these classics.

當今的 #舞台設計 總也強調多元創意。近年來,許多#劇場導演 #舞台設計師,不約而同地將 #玻璃 視為在台上打造視覺驚奇的重要元素:一方面,藉由玻璃材質的穿透感和映照性,導演可以在劇場裡呈現出繁複的意象和喻意,讓場面調度更具現代風味;另一方面,觀眾欣賞一齣戲的角度,也會因爲玻璃的介入而改變。當觀眾透過玻璃來「觀看」時,所見之事物必然會起細微而具體的變化;儘管就視覺上來說,玻璃並沒有真正改變人或物體的形象,但就觀眾所接收到的意義而言,它的影響卻又是那麼的舉足輕重。德國舞台設計師米莉安‧布特爾 (Miriam Buether)指出:「運用玻璃來做設計是很具 #當代性的;它有種電影感,彷彿能讓人透由鏡頭裡的鏡片來觀看。」

有意思的是,以往如果要在舞台上重新詮釋一部 #古典文本,導演常常會利用現代風戲服或是跨性別選角等手法,來刺激觀眾、轉化意義,以賦予該劇本貼合當代的新生命;但如今舞台本身就是一片蘊含著無限可能的新大陸,只要在上頭放上一座玻璃籠室,這類文本中經常觸及的人性疏離與脆弱等主題,立刻就昭然若揭、不言可喻了。