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Noora Hannula

Choreographer and Dancer

Noora Hannula is a Finnish choreographer and dancer who works as the artistic director of The Nordic Beast. She has choreographed her own work since 2011 and started her career by winning prizes for best choreography in 2012 with her solo work: White noise in Belgium and in 2013 with the duet Buy My City in Amsterdam. Noora’s talent is well recognized that her dance piece got selected to the program of the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW 2016, in Düsseldorf. Mostly focusing on the issues in digital era including online identity, digital love, and intimacy merging with the technology, she studies the influence from social media to self-identity, of which she developed her works of SoMe SERIES, and first piece of Digital Love Trilogy, Noora Hannula V.S. Soma The Augmented-Reality Girl - The Ultimate Battle. Noora gives workshops in various dance establishments nationally and internationally, and is a regular guest teacher at danish theater and physical theater educations.